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Everyone wants to solve: Who is the first?

compraventa vivienda sobre plano

Buyer and seller want to solve the housing sales contract plan Who is the first?

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Can I demand the delivery of housing?



The buyer can apply for either the termination of the contract of sale and delivery of housing, forcing the seller to comply with the agreed.

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BBVA clauses declared unfair by the Supreme Court

clausulas abusivas


The Supreme Court has declared the abusiveness of a number of clauses in contracts bank BBVA.

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Usefulness of the "Representations and Warranties" in contracts

compraventa empresas


What are the representations and warranties in contracts reflected?

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Cláusula penal en la compra de vivienda sobre plano

compraventa de vivienda

¿Se pueden recuperar las cantidades entregadas a cuenta para la compra de una vivienda sobre plano?

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