Compraventa de vivienda sin licencia de ocupación

compraventa vivienda


La compraventa de una vivienda ocultando que carece de licencia de ocupación permite resolver el contrato.

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Nueva nulidad del IRPH en Vitoria



The Provincial Court confirms the annulment of IRPH Entities as reference.

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New invalidity of a multicurrency mortgage in Mallorca

hipoteca multidivisa

The Audiencia Provincial de Mallorca has confirmed the nullity of the multicurrency clause in sentence 20 July 2016.

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Levantamiento del velo y abuso de la personalidad societaria

levantamiento del velo


It can automatically apply the doctrine of piercing the corporate veil to a group of companies?

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Breach of delivery in the sale of homes

compraventa vivienda sobre plano

Can I terminate the contract if I do not deliver housing within the agreed time?

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