Unfair Competition

Agotamiento del derecho marcario y contrato de distribución

infraccion marcaria

Absueltos de infracción marcaria y competencia desleal por justificación basada en un contrato de distribución y agotamiento marcario.

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Perfumes, trademark infringement and unfair competition



Someone thought he could sell similar perfumes to "brand", using lists of equivalences, without incurring any legal infringement?

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Contratos de distribución y competencia desleal

contratos distribucion y competencia desleal


En las relaciones comerciales, son frecuentes las situaciones en las que un distribuidor pueda acabar realizando competencia desleal a la empresa principal.

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Patents and bricks


In the processes of industrial property the interrelationship between different legal forms often as patents, utility models, industrial designs and "catchall" unfair competition.

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Confidentiality clauses for employees



How do you get that employees keep confidential information to which they have access?

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