Bonos subordinados

Bonos Banco Popular: recent jurisprudence

banco popular

Review the most recent judgments of the provincial courts relapse on Subordinated Bonds of Banco Popular.

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Bonos Popular: The Supreme Court confirms the annulment

bonos banco popular


The Supreme Court has upheld the annulment of a subscription of Exchangeable Bonds Banco Popular Sentence 17 June 2016.

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Bonos Popular: New nullity in Tarragona

bonos banco popular

A new judgment annulling hiring Bonds Banco Popular, the long list adds.

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Popular Subordinated Bonds: New nullity in La Coruna

bonos banco popular


Continúan acumulándose las sentencias declarando la nulidad de la colocación de Bonos Subordinados Popular.
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Stumble twice in the same complex product

tribunal supremo


To the Supreme Court, repeated hiring a complex investment product does not necessarily imply knowledge of risks.

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