Unfair terms

Mortgage costs: Guide to the claim

gastos hipoteca


Learn how you can recover the costs incurred in arranging your mortgage loan.

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Nueva nulidad de Cláusula multidivisa en Valladolid

hipoteca multidivisa


El Juzgado de lo Mercantil Nº 1 Valladolid has declared the nullity of clauses of a concerted multicurrency mortgage with Bankinter S.A.. in sentence 22/07/2016.

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Paralyzed foreclosure in Valencia

Ejecucion hipotecaria

The Sixth Section of the Provincial Court of Valencia has declared the dismissal of foreclosure to consider early termination clause null, in Auto,fr 31 October 2016.

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Nueva nulidad del IRPH en Vitoria



The Provincial Court confirms the annulment of IRPH Entities as reference.

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New invalidity of a multicurrency mortgage in Mallorca

hipoteca multidivisa

The Audiencia Provincial de Mallorca has confirmed the nullity of the multicurrency clause in sentence 20 July 2016.

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