Convertible bonds

Convertible bonds: nueva nulidad en Madrid


La Audiencia Provincial de Madrid ha confirmado la anulación de una suscripción de Obligaciones Convertibles del Banco Pastor por haber sido prestado el consentimiento con vicio por error como consecuencia de la falta de información por parte de la entidad bancaria.

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Bonos Popular: Nueva condena en Murcia

bonos banco popular


La Audiencia Provincial de Murcia ha declarado la nulidad de una compra de bonos subordinados necesariamente convertibles emitidos por el Banco Popular en sentencia de 4 June 2015.

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Can I claim if I sold my "toxic assets"?













Very often we raise the question of whether you can claim once the preferred shares were sold, the "Securities Santander", structured bonds, autocancelables and other products of the "bestiary" of bad banking practice.

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Confirmed Bankinter sentence for breach of information duties










Córdoba Provincial Court dismissed the appeal and confirmed the judgment Bankinter condemning him for breach of the duty of disclosure in Case 4 February 2014, to pay the costs.

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What if the bank offers me a novation?

abogado novacion

In some cases malpractice bank, some bank tries to rectify the flawed placement of a product canceling it and replacing it with another or performing a novation. What should we do if you are offered a novation or a "restructuring" of its product?

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