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Banco Popular bonds canceled in Gijon,es

Bonos Popular

La Audiencia de Gijón confirma la nulidad de la suscripción de unos Bonos convertibles de Banco Popular Español S.A. for lack of information.

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Structured Bonds: Confirmada nulidad en Mallorca

bonos estructurados

Bonos estructurados declarados nulos por falta de información en Mallorca.

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Bankinter canceled structured bonds in Toledo,es

bonos estructurados

Toledo Provincial Court confirms the annulment of a contract of structured bonds offered by Bankinter for lack of information,,es,Lack of compliance with the reporting obligation by the bank determined that the consent of the contracting customers were vitiated by fundamental error and excusable,,es,as it confirmed by the Audiencia Provincial de Toledo,,es,The decision has been taken in the judgment of the Audiencia Provincial de Toledo Ollie #,,es,They lacking financial knowledge,,es,Structured Flow Bono Autocancelable,,es,"That it had been offered by BANKINTER S.A.,,es,although the issuer was BNP PARIBAS,,es,BANKINTER S.A,,en,He did not give them any written information about the conditions of that product,,es.

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Structured bonds cancellable: New nullity in Oviedo

bonos estructurados

The Provincial Court of Oviedo declared invalid subscription structured bonds linked to BBVA and Popular cancellable, placed by Banco Santander.

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Estructurados con hipoteca multidivisa de Santander anulados en Madrid

estructurado y multidivisa


¿Imaginan el riesgo de combinar un préstamo hipotecario multidivisa con un depósito estructurado?

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