Termination action by creditors fraud

fraude de acreedores


The pendency of a criminal action suspends the limitation period of the action for rescission by creditors fraud.

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His letter of sponsorship is it weak or strong?

cartas de patrocinio


If they ask for a letter of sponsorship, Think twice.

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Compensation for the exclusive use of the common thing,es

division de la cosa comun


Can co-owners claim compensation if the thing in common has been used exclusively by one?

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labor contract: Calatrava convicted in the Supreme



The Supreme Court confirmed the sentence of Santiago Calatrava LLC to pay € 2,960,781 for the differences arising in contract work with Jovellanos XXI.

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Promise share purchase

interpretacion de los contratos


What is the time of pricing in a share purchase agreement, taking into account the principles of interpretation of contracts?

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