Commercial Contracts

How do we prove our commercial contracts?

prueba en los contratos mercantiles









In case of conflict, test commercial contracts becomes a critical issue.

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What is a Documentary Credit (letter of credit)?

credito documentario








In international sales, if the seller fears ship the goods without having secured their collection and the buyer does not want to pay for goods without, Documentary credit it (letter of credit) may be the solution.

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Key Points in your lease (financial leasing)

contrato de leasing









The lease (financial leasing), is a widespread formula to finance assets in companies.

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What are the main points of a mercantile commission?


abogado contrato comision

By mercantile commission, a person is obliged to render some service or other custom (art. 1709 C.Civil).

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How long do I have to claim in commercial contracts?: The prescription

abogado prescripcion

In the commercial sphere, the deadline to claim for contracts are different from the usual civil. If we consider the, we can bring some surprises.

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