Acciones Banco Popular: Data expansion 2016 They were not real

Banco Popular

The Provincial Court of Asturias confirms that economic data provided in the capital of Banco Popular were not real and confirms the invalidity of a share subscription agreement for a particular

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The difficulty of testing the incumplimentos the franchisor in the franchise agreement


To solve a franchise agreement the franchisor for breach, sufficient proof is required

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Seguro de vida, health questionnaire and ignorance of the disease

Seguro Vida Madrid

Insurer ordered to pay for life insurance, because the insured was unaware of the disease when he was presented health questionnaire

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Frequently asked questions about life insurance and disability


In this post we collect some of the most frequently asked questions posed by those customers regarding life insurance and disability


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Payment protection insurance, restrictive clauses and contract interpretation

Seguro proteccion pagos


A payment protection insurance, the lack of clarity of the clauses must be interpreted in favor of the customer and qualifying clauses must comply with Article 3 LCS Continue reading


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