A record laps with debts in arrears by


fichero morosos

The inclusion in a register of defaulters by a controversial debt violates the right to honor.

Es frecuente que cuando un cliente resuelve un contrato formalizado con una empresa de telefonía por sus incumplimientos, acabe siendo inscrito de forma indebida en un registro de morosos.

The judgment of the Provincial Court of Girona 19 September 2016, resuelve una de estas demandas contra Vodafone España SAU.

The assumption in fact derived from the formalization of a mobile phone contract between Caber SA Hardware and Vodafone Spain SAU.

Client, after suffering numerous technical problems, he terminated the contract for breach of Vodafone Spain SAU. Immediately after resolution, Vodafone Spain SAU SA Hardware claimed to Caber an outstanding balance of payment 20.907,07 €, composed of fees, consumption, and charges of permanence. Caber SA Hardware understood that I should not meet this balance and Vodafone Spain SAU entered in the file BADEXCUG solvency Experian Credit Bureau SA.

Caber Ferretería SA interpuso demanda contra Vodafone España SAU ejercitando la acción declarativa de resolución contractual, claim for damages, of no debt with Vodafone Spain SAU protection and honor for incorrect inclusion in the file BADEXCUG.

La demanda fue estimada en parte por el Juzgado de Primera Instancia Nº 04 Girona, que consideró que la resolución había sido correcta, que la demandante no debía cantidad alguna a la compañía de telefonía, pero no condenó a Vodafone España SAU a pagar indemnización alguna, nor it ruled on infringement of the right to honor Caber SA Hardware.

In view of the above, Caber Fereter SA appealed against the judgment of first instance, basing it on the existence of inconsistency by omission, error in the assessment of evidence and the existence of moral damage.

The Provincial Court of Girona, in Judgment No. 246/2016 Date 19/09/2016, fully upheld the appeal.

So, concludes that:

1) The first instance judgment omits rule on the existence of injury to the right to honor Caber SA Hardware;

2) In accordance with established case, the inclution, truthfulness missing, by an entity, in a register of solvency - called "records defaulters"- It would infringe the right of honor of the person concerned " (SSTS 24/04/2009) and if the debt is disputed, because the owner of the data should not legitimately consider that what is being sought and the question is subject to judicial or arbitral decision, nonpayment is not indicative of the insolvency of the affected (STS 01/03/2016);

3) There has been error in assessing the evidence, to the extent that the abundant documentary evidence submitted by the applicant can be easily removed that inclusion in the register undermined the commercial image of the applicant.

La Audiencia condena a Vodafone al pago a la demandante de 18.169,80€ en concepto de daños y perjuicios y 1.500€ por lesión al honor.

Ultimately, inclusion in a file of defaulters as leverage to customers who have acted lawfully, You can be expensive.

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