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The CJEU rules on the resignation of consumers


 renuncia consumidores


Para el TWENTY, the waiver to claim an abusive clause is valid if the consumer was aware of what he signed

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Can you cancel a floor clause in companies?

clausula suelo empresa

The Supreme Court reconfirms the nullity of a floor clause in a loan signed by a professional- entrepreneur (non-consumer)

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The CJEU reiterates its concept of "consumer"

concepto consumidor TJUE

If the client does not act within a professional activity, must be qualified as a "consumer"

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Can notification of a foreclosure lawsuit email?

ejecucion hipotecaria

The Constitutional Court declared invalid actions to the notification of a foreclosure lawsuit email

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How does it affect leases alarm status for the "Coronavirus”?

Suspender arrendamiento

You can suspend payment of rent by the inability to develop an economic activity in a local business to the declared state of alarm? 

A note on legislative reform, both housing and leases for local.

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