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Guide to the Second Chance Act

ley segunda oportunidad

The call “Second Chance Act” aims to prevent “attainder” of those who have experienced a business failure or have sobreendeudado

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Los intereses de demora no permiten la calificación como usurario de un préstamo


Default interest in isolation, do not allow the cancellation of a loan application of the Usury Act

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Abusividad de la comisión por reclamación de posiciones deudoras vencidas

comision reclamacion posiciones deudoras

In consumer contracts, the clause that establishes a commission claim expired debtor positions is abusive and therefore void

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Clausulas limitativas en el seguro de responsabilidad de los administradores

seguro responsabilidad administradores

In liability insurance managers, excluding severance derivation of responsibility for the Tax Agency, It is a limiting clause

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How to claim a structured even if financial expert,,es,A Property Registrar is not necessarily a financial expert,,es,The auction in the division of the common thing,,es,Public credits in the payment plan for the,,es,Exclusion of insurance coverage while intoxicated,,es,Limiting clause,,es?

 reclamar estructurados

In some structured products, It breached the contract by failing to apply the anti-dilution measures. This allows any investor claim regardless of their profile and the information provided

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