Redaccion A.G.X.

Responsabilidad de la administración en la contratación pública

contratos publicos

The liability of the government forces them to compensate the individual who injured, provided that the legal requirements

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¿Necesito un abogado para comprar una vivienda?

expert real estate lawyer

The advice of a lawyer will save you problems in your home purchase

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What makes a real estate expert lawyer,,es,On the lack of information of the insurer to the insurer,,es,Passive legitimization of the Securitization Fund,,es,Guide to claim the IRPH,,es?

abogado inmobiliario

The expert real estate lawyer It is one lawyer who specializes in civil law, urban and mortgage to provide the best services in these areas

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Guia para reclamar el IRPH">Guia para reclamar el IRPH

Reclamar IPRH

We collect the most relevant issues facing the IRPH claim on mortgage loans

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Guia de la responsabilidad patrimonial de la Administración Local

administracion local

Article 106.2 of the Constitution establishes the responsibility of local government for injuries sustained by individuals during public service

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