Redaccion C.S.L,,en,Redaccion C.S.L.,,en,responsibility company security,,es,The Audiencia de Barcelona confirms the responsibility of the security company whose alarm did not work,,es,The room condemns Securitas Direct Spain S.L,,es,for the damages suffered by a theft to a company that had hired their services,,es,of the AP of Barcelona,,es,As a matter of substance, the,,es,responsibility of a security company,,es,in the case of the theft of one of the companies that had contracted their products,,es,the security installation did not work,,es,with the consequent damage to the company,,es,FACTUAL BACKGROUND,,es,with the advice of the defendant,,es,installed in the premises of the insured an alarm system to prevent theft in your business,,es,Being connected said system,,es.

Condena solidaria a constructora y aseguradora por defectos constructivos

defectos constructivos

Construction and insurance are jointly sentenced to payment for construction defects caused in the garage area, storage rooms and common areas of a community of neighbors

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Unfair terms: Legitimación pasiva del Fondo de Titulización

clausula suelo

The Securitization Fund that has acquired a mortgage loan is legitimately passive against claims for abusive clauses,,es,For the Provincial Court of Barcelona,,es,The Fund to which the rights of the mortgage loan were assigned is legitimately passive and must respond to the claim by a ground clause,,es,In the Section Judgment,,es,of the Provincial Court of Barcelona number,,es,it is raised as a fundamental issue if there is a lack of,,es,by the Management Company of Securitization Funds to which the mortgage loan was assigned against the demand for nullity of the land clause that exists on it and the subsequent reintegration of the amounts charged of more,,es

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Responsabilidad de la empresa de seguridad en caso de robo

responsabilidad empresa seguridad

La Audiencia de Barcelona confirma la responsabilidad de la empresa de seguridad cuya alarma no funcionó

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A vueltas con el cumplimiento del arrendamiento en locales de negocio

arrendamiento local

The Supreme Court reiterated its doctrine on compliance with the lease business premises

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Interpretación de un contrato de compraventa de terreno


contrato compraventa terreno

The interpretation of contracts must be made from the common desire expressed therein

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