Drafting,,es,Fire insurance,,es,The insurance company is responsible in case of inaccuracy of the information provided by its own agent,,es,The policyholder must act as diligently as possible. & Nbsp; You must declare the circumstances that modify the risk in a damage insurance,,es,& nbsp; But it is the insurer who has to face the consequences if your agent had made an error in completing an amendment to the contract policy. & Nbsp; & nbsp;,,es,The Supreme Court has ruled in the STS,,es,about this matter,,es,in which a policyholder who signs a multi-risk contract with an insurer,,es,subsequently he encounters various problems in order to obtain the pertinent compensation,,es

Termination of the franchise agreement and the responsibility of the administrators

contrato franquicia

Social administrators declared responsible for the debt by the termination of the franchise agreement when the cause of dissolution of the company is present

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Surprise exclusion clauses and fire insurance

seguro de incendio

Las cláusulas de exclusión de coberturasorpresivasreciben el mismo tratamiento que las cláusulas limitativas en el contrato de seguro

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Implicit financial derivative of BBVA declared null by the Supreme Court

derivado financiero

 El Tribunal Supremo declara la nulidad de un derivado financiero implícito de BBVA por error en el consentimiento

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Guide on Economic Interest Groups

Agrupacion de Interes Economico

What is the legal regime of Economic Interest Groups (OUCH)?


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On the legitimation of creditors in the classification of the bankruptcy

concurso de acreedores

Creditors have standing to appeal the bankruptcy on appeal

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