Drafting,,es,Fire insurance,,es,The insurance company is responsible in case of inaccuracy of the information provided by its own agent,,es,The policyholder must act as diligently as possible. & Nbsp; You must declare the circumstances that modify the risk in a damage insurance,,es,& nbsp; But it is the insurer who has to face the consequences if your agent had made an error in completing an amendment to the contract policy. & Nbsp; & nbsp;,,es,The Supreme Court has ruled in the STS,,es,about this matter,,es,in which a policyholder who signs a multi-risk contract with an insurer,,es,subsequently he encounters various problems in order to obtain the pertinent compensation,,es

Insurance Contract and Damage Quantification Procedure

Seguro de incendio


How is the article applied 38 of the Insurance Contract Law to quantify the damage suffered in a fire? Continue reading

Credit Assignment Guide

cesion de creditos

The assignment of credits allows the transfer of rights without their termination

Continue reading

How to leave an insurance contract empty of content?

abogado defectos contruccion

An insurance contract can be left empty of content through limiting clauses

Continue reading

Can I claim for a foreign investment fund?

fondos de inversion

Collective Investment Entities must have authorization to operate in Spain

Continue reading

Guide on the Trademark Claim Action

abogado infraccion marcas

The trademark claim allows its restitution to the legitimate owner Continue reading


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