Business Law in Spain

Burguera Abogados provides effective legal solutions in the main business areas  concerning your issues in Spain:

Regulation of contracts: legal advice on all the agreements of your company like trade contracts, share and asset transfers, subcontracting and outsourcing contracts, cooperation agreements,  and strategic partnership.

Distribution and Agency contracts: Legal advice in the negotiation,  the drawing up of distribution, agency or merchandising contracts.

Franchise agreements: We provide legal assistance to develop your business in Spain, drawing up the franchise agreement.

Sale and supply transactions: Legal counsel on commercial transactions.

Contract negotiations: We can represent your interests in any negotiation in Spain.

Technology transfer agreements: We draw up  technology transfer agreements that on one hand protect your intellectual property, and on the other, comply with the European Union competition rules.

Product Liability: We protect your interests in the case that there is any product liability claim.

Due diligence and legal audits: We check the legal situation of your branches in Spain.

Family business legal assistance: We provide legal advice to commercial organizations in which decision-making is influenced by multiple generations of a family.

Contact us with a brief description of the case, and we will prepare a proposal that suits your needs.

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