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How does it affect leases alarm status for the "Coronavirus”?

Suspender arrendamiento

You can suspend payment of rent by the inability to develop an economic activity in a local business to the declared state of alarm? 

A note on legislative reform, both housing and leases for local.

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On the sale of the bare ownership with life estate

 venta nuda propiedad usufructo vitalicio


Did you know that by life estate could maintain the enjoyment of your home and supplement your pension? Do you know the risks of such operations?

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Nullity purchase housing on the grounds of consent

nulidad compraventa vivienda

The contract of sale of a home can be overridden by the existence of an essential and excusable error vitiating the consent Continue reading

How to interpret a contract option?

Purchase option

The will of the parties prevails over the text to interpret a contract option

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Construction defects and the importance of expert reports

defectos constructivos


In claims for defective construction, They are essential expert reports, which they are measured by the courts in accordance with the rules of sound

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