Abuse of penitential earnest,,es,Territorial limiting clauses in the insurance contract,,es,The scales of insurers are limiting clauses,,es?

contrato de arras

Las arras penitenciales pueden ser consideradas abusivas en caso de contravenir el régimen del artículo 1.454 Civil Code

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Nullity due to abuse only protects consumers,,es,Compensation for breach of lease contract with option to,,es,Compensation for breach of lease contract with purchase option,,es,Multi-currency mortgages following the Supreme Court Judgment,,es,Minor case law following the Supreme Court Judgment on multi-currency mortgage loans,,es,incorporated the doctrine of the STJUE of,,es,Case C-186/16,,es,caso Andriciuc,,en,This implies that,,es,against what was previously established in STS No.,,es,Case Genil,,es,Case C-604/2011,,es,the mortgage loan in foreign currency is not considered regulated by the MiFID nor by the LMV,,es,These are some of its consequences,,es

compraventa vivienda

La abusividad de una cláusula penal sobre las cantidades entregadas a cuenta en una compraventa de vivienda sólo puede ser alegada por quien ostente la condición de consumidor

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Everyone wants to solve: Who is the first?

compraventa vivienda sobre plano

Buyer and seller want to solve the housing sales contract plan Who is the first?

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Incumplimiento del contrato de compraventa de inmuebles y cláusula penal



El incumplimiento del contrato de compraventa de inmuebles, habiéndose pagado arras, causa multitud de controversias que acaban en los tribunales.

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¿Contract arras contract sale?



















When buying a home or property whether it is more convenient to sign a contract pledging or private purchase frequently arises.

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