Defectos construccion

How to leave an insurance contract empty of content?

abogado defectos contruccion

An insurance contract can be left empty of content through limiting clauses

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construction defects: Can the promoter be exonerated?

 defectos constructivos

The developer who has not intervened in the work can exonerate himself from his responsibility for construction defects

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Interruption of the prescription in construction defects

defectos constructivos

Does the claim for construction defects to the developer interrupt the prescription before the architect and surveyor??

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Liability of agents for construction defects

defectos constructivos


The agents are jointly and severally liable for construction defects that are not individualizable or when the concurrence of faults is not proven.

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Controversial points in claims for construction defects

construction defects

Both deadlines, like the existence of res judicata, the principle of congruence, the compensation CPI and VAT are controversial issues in claims for construction defects

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