Liability of the Directors

Responsabilidad de la administración y concurrencia de culpa

responsabilidad patrimonial

La concurrencia de culpa reduce la indemnización por responsabilidad patrimonial de la administración.

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How to apply the responsibility of health administration?

responsabilidad patrimonial de la administracion 11

A fall in the street as a result of their poor condition, a medical intervention that causes a physical impairment to the patient, an unreasonably long court proceedings ... are all cases in which the normal or abnormal functioning of a public service causes harm to a person. Well, What can be done in these cases?, ¿Puede exigirse a la Administración la compensación del daño infligido?

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Management's responsibility for concessionaires

responsabilidad patrimonial de la administracion 11


Can you estimate the liability of the administration when it acts through concessionaires?

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How demanding the liability of the State Legislator

responsabilidad patrimonial de la administracion 11

Can the State be held responsible for damage caused as a result of the enactment of a law?

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When is responsible for the administration?

Responsabilidad patrimonial de la administración













Los public authorities are responsible for administrative sus, under the provisions of Article 9.3 of the Constitution.


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