Regular House Leasing

How does it affect leases alarm status for the "Coronavirus”?

Suspender arrendamiento

You can suspend payment of rent by the inability to develop an economic activity in a local business to the declared state of alarm? 

A note on legislative reform, both housing and leases for local.

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Termination for breach of the lease (y II)

lease resolution











What are the causes for solving the lease?

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Termination for breach of the lease (I)

resolución arrendamiento

What breaches may lead to termination of the lease?

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How to shorten the duration of a lease?

reduction leases

There are several ways to reduce the duration of the period initially agreed to lease an urban.


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What is the Law of Preferential Procurement?

Right of first refusal











The lessee has the right to acquire the property in preference to other buyers in both leases and commercial property.


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