Request a multi-currency mortgage, does not exempt the bank from its obligation to report

abogado hipoteca multidivisa


The fact that the borrowers applied for the multi-currency mortgage loan does not allow us to presume that they understood their risks

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Damage Insurance: Direct or Indirect?

seguro daños

La distinción entre daños directos o indirectos a la hora de valorar la cobertura del seguro resulta controvertida

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Indemnify or repair boat insurance?

theft insurance


Can the insured choose between compensation or repair in a Boat Insurance? 

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Guide on the Liability of the Manufacturer of Defective Products

abogado producto defectuoso

How to claim the liability of the manufacturer of a defective product?

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“The aggravating factor of disguise” por Rafael Juan Juan Sanjosé

agravante de disfraz

What requirements are demanded by the Courts in order to estimate the concurrence of the aggravating disguise?

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