Reformulation of accounts and nullity of the sale of shares

nulidad compraventa acciones


The mistake about the value of society and its benefits, revealed with the reformulation of accounts, allows you to cancel the sale of shares

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Contrato de Agencia: without objectives there is no breach

contrato de agencia


Is a drop in sales enough to terminate an agency contract?

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On the restitution derived from the nullity of contracts with reciprocal obligations

nulidad arrendamiento financiero

What is the scope of the restitution of benefits when the nullity of a contract with reciprocal obligations is declared?

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Three Troubled Issues About Fire Insurance

abogado seguro de incendios

Legitimacy, causality relationship and quantification of damage are the most frequent questions that arise when there is a claim covered by fire insurance

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Life insurance contract and irreversibility of permanent disability

 invalidez permanente


The requirement of “irreversibility” of permanent disability is a limiting clause in the life insurance contract and therefore, void if the requirements of the article are not met 3 LCS

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