Contests and restructurings

Sobre la sucesión de empresa en la venta de unidades productivas


sucesion de empresa

¿Hay sucesión de empresa en la transmisión de unidades productivas?

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El concurso fortuito impide la responsabilidad del administrador

responsabilidad del administrador

The declaration of a contest as fortuitous is incompatible with the individual action of responsibility Administrator,,es,so you sentence him to pay the debt of more than three million euros,,es,Eurovalls insolvency that had originated its tender had been caused by,,es,appeal to the Provincial Court of Barcelona,,es,negligence,,es,fortuitous concourse,,es.

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Can you solve a lease interest contest?

concurso de acreedores


The judgment of the First Chamber of the Supreme Court No. 660/2016, of 10/11/2016, has declared from the resolution in the interests of competition a lease shielded by the regime of forced extension of leases Urban Laley 1964.

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Leasing and competition: The rating depends on reciprocity

Leasing y concurso


The Supreme Court reiterated its doctrine on the rating of the lease payments after the bankruptcy declaration:

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¿Qué son las acciones de reintegración?

acciones de reintegracion


Existe la posibilidad de anular los actos realizados en los dos últimos años anteriores a la declaración del concurso, si éstos perjudican a la masa activa.

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