Unfair Competition

Guide to claiming unfair competition

 abogado competencia desleal




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Four criteria of distinctiveness of the three-dimensional brand

abogado marcas

Three-dimensional marks must meet four criteria to be considered distinctive

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Unfair Competition and the Primacy of Community Law

competencia desleal

Regarding unfair competition, Community law prevails over national regulations that are contrary to this

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Convicted of unfair competition trade secret infringement,,es,Sanitas convicted in Madrid for medical malpractice,,es

Competencia desleal

Varias sociedades y sus socios han sido condenados por realizar actos de competencia desleal al aprovechar el conocimiento adquirido sobre técnicas industriales confidenciales que le fueron mostradas con ocasión de un anterior contrato de licencia exclusiva -que incumplieron-.

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The game of unfair competition,es

unfair competition


The rules infraction that does not produce a competitive advantage is not unfair competition,,es,misleading advertising constitutes unfair competition affecting consumers,,es,That has been the decision has been adopted in the,,es,Codere is a group of companies dedicated to the gambling sector Spanish origin,,es,with an extensive international presence,,es,Their societies were those who sought and obtained the first gaming licenses,,es,on line,,en,convened in,,es,by the General State Administration,,es,Rational Entertainment Enterprises Ltd,,en,Reel,,en,is a company incorporated under the laws of the Isle of Man Year,,es,established in said island,,es,He also has extensive international presence,,es,Reel owns well-known domain,,es,pokerstars,,en,that offers poker,,es. However, la publicidad engañosa constituye competencia desleal por afectar a los consumidores.

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