Caso Banco Popular

banco popular


New circumstances on the sale of Banco Popular Spanish S.A,,es,As we pointed out in greater detail,,es,in our entry,,es,the sale of Banco Popular Spanish S.A,,es,€ Banco Santander has caused both stocks and subordinated debt instruments issued by the entity lost its entire value,,es,This implies that investors have lost all the capital invested in these products,,es,We concluded then that,,es,of all possible options for claiming,,es,which it was postulated as recommended for the individual investor,,es,for their chances of success and duration of the process,,es,It was to bring a,,es,civil lawsuit seeking the annulment of the contract for attending the consent or error,,es.

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Convertible bonds: nueva nulidad en Madrid


La Audiencia Provincial de Madrid ha confirmado la anulación de una suscripción de Obligaciones Convertibles del Banco Pastor por haber sido prestado el consentimiento con vicio por error como consecuencia de la falta de información por parte de la entidad bancaria.

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El Tribunal Supremo se pronuncia sobre las obligaciones subordinadas



El Tribunal Supremo ha declarado la nulidad de una compra de Obligaciones Subordinadas de Bankia en Sentencia de 30 September 2016.

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4 Reasons not to accept the proposal by the actions of Bankia

acciones bankia

In view of the news published on the return of the losses suffered by those affected in the placement of shares of Bankia's public offering news, It can be useful, highlight the pitfalls posed.

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The Supreme Court decides on the Shares of Bankia

tribunal supremo


The Supreme Court has confirmed the inaccuracy of the prospectus for offering of Bankia and has rejected demands for cessation of criminal prejudicialidad.

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