Reestructuración de Swaps: jurisprudencia reciente


La reestructuración de swaps no supone confirmación del contrato viciado por error.

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7 Key points on allegations of estoppel, confirmation and validation in the Swaps




The Supreme Court rejects the allegations of estoppel,,es,Part of this doctrine argues in his,,es,The fact of having paid the negative liquidations,,es,"In the judgments of the Supreme Court,,es,The High Court ruled as constituting own act that the customer is delayed in making its demand,,es,literally uses the expression,,es,"To be willing to give up the nullity action arising from consensual Error,,es,For the existence of estoppel,,es,to be considered as extemporaneous the allegation of the existence of estoppel,,es,New nullity Leon,,es, confirmation or validation of the Swaps.

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