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5 Reasons for losing a case for structured bonds

Bonos Estructurados











Structured notes are an investment product that sometimes, has "placed" to customers who did not have a suitable profile or providing sufficient information.

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Barclays bonds declared void in Cadiz

bonos barclays












The Court of First Instance No.. 3 Cadiz has declared void the purchase order Autocancelables about RBS Bonds SAN BBVA Case 22 November 2013.


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Bankinter convicted Bonds in Madrid















The Court of First Instance No. 84 Madrid has declared invalid a subscription of bonds that were actually preferred shares of Bank of Ireland made through Bankinter in Case 10 February 2014.

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Declared invalid in Leon Bankinter Structured Bonds

bonos estructurados









The Court of First Instance No. 4 Leon has declared the nullity of the execution of 100 structured bonds "Azores" in sentence 6 February 2014.

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Barclays bonus autocancelables convicted in Madrid

estructurados barclays











The Madrid Provincial Court has dismissed the appeal of Barclays, confirming the invalidity of the contract of bond underwriting autocancelables, with the bank to pay costs, in Case 3 February 2014.

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