Banco Popular bonds canceled in Gijon,es

Bonos Popular

Gijón Hearing confirms the invalidity of the subscription of a convertible bond Banco Popular Spanish S.A,,es,Convertibles Banco Popular Spanish bonds S.A,,es,were signed by a customer without the bank will provide sufficient information about its nature and risks behaved,,es,The decision was taken by the judgment of the,,es,Provincial Court of Gijon Ollie #,,es,Zaira held with Banco Popular Spanish S.A,,es,a financial contract subscription acquisition,,es,"Popular Capital Conv Bonds,,es,V.2013 ",,ru,for which he signed several such titles,,es,From them,,es,a total of twenty were transmitted to D,,es,William inherited by,,es,who in turn held,,es. for lack of information.

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Bonos Popular: New nullity in Tarragona

bonos banco popular

A new judgment annulling hiring Bonds Banco Popular, the long list adds.

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Bankia and Subordinated Preferred convicted in Valencia

preferentes bankia










The Court of First Instance No. 22 Valencia has declared void a purchase of preferred shares and subordinated debentures, Bankia condemning al payment 45.000 euros with yields back, legal interest and to pay the costs in Case 21 January 2014.

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Can I claim if I sold my "toxic assets"?













Very often we raise the question of whether you can claim once the preferred shares were sold, the "Securities Santander", structured bonds, autocancelables and other products of the "bestiary" of bad banking practice.

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Effects of exchange preference shares and subordinated debentures

canje preferentes subordinadas

Sometimes there is a question of the legal effect that may arise from having made redemption of preference shares and subordinated debentures. If the product subscription was void or voidable, the exchange will also be for the following reasons.

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