Clause soil

The CJEU rules on the resignation of consumers


 renuncia consumidores


Para el TWENTY, the waiver to claim an abusive clause is valid if the consumer was aware of what he signed

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Abusive clauses of a mortgage loan agreement

We review unfair terms that most often appear in mortgage lending

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Unfair terms: Legitimación pasiva del Fondo de Titulización

clausula suelo

The Securitization Fund that has acquired a mortgage loan is legitimately passive against claims for abusive clauses,,es,For the Provincial Court of Barcelona,,es,The Fund to which the rights of the mortgage loan were assigned is legitimately passive and must respond to the claim by a ground clause,,es,In the Section Judgment,,es,of the Provincial Court of Barcelona number,,es,it is raised as a fundamental issue if there is a lack of,,es,by the Management Company of Securitization Funds to which the mortgage loan was assigned against the demand for nullity of the land clause that exists on it and the subsequent reintegration of the amounts charged of more,,es

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Clause floor: The “negritas” no son suficiente

Clausula suelo

El Tribunal Supremo confirma que destacar la “ground clause” con letranegritano es suficiente para superar el control de transparencia

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Nulidad de cláusula suelo en empresario consumidor

clausula suelo empresa

La Audiencia Provincial de Madrid declara la nulidad de las cláusulas suelo de tres préstamos hipotecarios contratados por empresas que actuaban como consumidores

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