Vencimiento anticipado

early maturity even abusive 7 impagos para el TWENTY

vencimiento anticipado

For the Court of Justice of the European Union, the nullity of the clause abusive anticipated maturity may be declared even if the bank has waited for a hefty number of defaults occur.

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Paralyzed foreclosure in Valencia

Ejecucion hipotecaria

The Sixth Section of the Provincial Court of Valencia has declared the dismissal of foreclosure to consider early termination clause null, in Auto,fr 31 October 2016.

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Early Termination clause for the Provincial Court of Valencia

clausulas abusivas

Can you assess the number of defaults to declare the early maturity?

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Two unfair terms key: Interest on late payments and early maturity

clausulas abusivas


In the extensive catalog of unfair terms that appear frequently in mortgage loan contracts, They stand out for their importance relative to interest on arrears and early maturity.

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BBVA clauses declared unfair by the Supreme Court

clausulas abusivas


The Supreme Court has declared the abusiveness of a number of clauses in contracts bank BBVA.

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