multi-currency mortgages

Request a multi-currency mortgage, does not exempt the bank from its obligation to report

abogado hipoteca multidivisa


The fact that the borrowers applied for the multi-currency mortgage loan does not allow us to presume that they understood their risks

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The Supreme Court orders the bank to pay the costs in litigation over abusive clauses

hipoteca multidivisa

If the consumer demand on abusive clauses is estimated, the defendant must be ordered to pay the costs

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Multi-currency mortgage and validation for payment of installments

hipoteca multidivisa

Can I claim a multi-currency mortgage if I have paid the installments?

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On the expiration of multi-currency mortgages

When does the term to exercise nullity action for error in a multi-currency mortgage loan start?? Continue reading

What unfair terms should be reviewed ex officio by the judge?


clausulas abusivas

The judge must officially examine the abusiveness of clauses which relate to the subject of the dispute

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