Nine key points on the Usury Act,es



Recopilamos los principales criterios de la jurisprudencia actual relativa a la Ley de Usura.

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Revolving credit usurious declared in Mallorca,es


the usurious character of a revolving credit with an APR stated in Mallorca,,es,The Audiencia Provincial de Mallorca has implemented a,,es,to declare null the interests of a revolving credit considered usurious,,es,unconscionable and disproportionate to the circumstances,,es,Only the borrower will have to repay the loan principal,,es,The decision was adopted by the Provincial Court in its judgment Mallorca Ollie #,,es,The facts of which gave rise were the following,,es,Esther signed with Citibank Spain S.A,,es,revolving credit agreement associated card,,es,a nominal annual rate was established the,,es,and an annual percentage rate,,es,T.A.E.,,en,Citibank S.A,,en,He transferred ownership of its consumer banking business to Banco Popular-E S.A.,,es,who,,es 24.6%

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As interest annular remuneratory,es

falta de transparencia

La falta de transparencia en el interés remuneratorio permite declarar su nulidad en préstamos con consumidores.

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Two unfair terms key: Interest on late payments and early maturity

clausulas abusivas


In the extensive catalog of unfair terms that appear frequently in mortgage loan contracts, They stand out for their importance relative to interest on arrears and early maturity.

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Comments of the STJUE 21 January 2015, Rafael Juan Juan Sanjose

interes de demora

Once declared invalid by being abusive interest for late payment, that clause must be expelled from the contract and therefore no interest, ni legal, or procedural, be applied.

We publish below the commentary on the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union by Rafael Juan Juan Sanjosé, Alternate Judge of the Provincial Court of Castellón.


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