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Santander Securities: Nullity in Leon,,es,The Provincial Court of León declared invalid subscription,,es,Wedding judgment of the first instance,,es,It is again confirmed the invalidity of the multicurrency clauses in a mortgage Bankinter Valladolid,,es,What is a revolving credit,,es,revolving credit,,es,Credit cards,,es,revolving credit,,it,revolving credit,,es,Usury Act,,es,credit card,,es,The lack of transparency in the remunerative interest to declare invalid in consumer loans,,es,remunerative interest,,es,Abusive statements interests,,es,abusive interest remuneratorio,,es,abusive remunerative interests,,es,The Supreme Court has confirmed the invalidity of a contract "Exchange" Bankinter,,es

Santander Securities

La Audiencia Provincial de León declara la nulidad de una suscripción de “Santander Securities”, casando la sentencia de la primera instancia.

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Valores Santander canceled in Madrid,es

Santander Securities


The Madrid Provincial Court confirms the cancellation of a subscription,,es,Failure to comply with the reporting obligation,,es,by the financial institution determines that the purchase agreement,,es,is voidable by mistake attend the consent of the contracting client,,es,as he declared the Provincial Court of Madrid,,es,The pronouncement was held in the judgment of the Provincial Court of Madrid,,es,Margarita,,en,purchase contract ",,es,"For a total amount of,,es,As we have discussed in other entries in this blog,,es,the "Valores Santander" were issued by Banco Santander SA in,,es,with nominal repayment in the event that the acquisition of ABN AMRO was unsuccessful,,es,Financial product that was,,es “Santander Securities” for lack of information.

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Bankinter canceled structured bonds in Toledo,es

structured bonds

Toledo Provincial Court confirms the annulment of a contract of structured bonds offered by Bankinter for lack of information,,es,Lack of compliance with the reporting obligation by the bank determined that the consent of the contracting customers were vitiated by fundamental error and excusable,,es,as it confirmed by the Audiencia Provincial de Toledo,,es,The decision has been taken in the judgment of the Audiencia Provincial de Toledo Ollie #,,es,They lacking financial knowledge,,es,Structured Flow Bono Autocancelable,,es,"That it had been offered by BANKINTER S.A.,,es,although the issuer was BNP PARIBAS,,es,BANKINTER S.A,,en,He did not give them any written information about the conditions of that product,,es.

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Swaps: El Supremo reitera su doctrina



El incumplimiento de los deberes de información conlleva la presunción de error al contratar un Swap.

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Santander Securities: New nullity in the High Court of Valencia

santander values


The Court of Valencia reconfirms the invalidity of a subscription of complex products Banco Santander among which were the famous "Valores Santander".

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