Guide on the Liability of the Manufacturer of Defective Products

abogado producto defectuoso

How to claim the liability of the manufacturer of a defective product?

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“Verbal loans and the presumption of onerosity” por Rafael Juan Juan Sanjosé

prestamo o donacion

In disputes over whether a delivery of money was for a loan or a donation, onerosity is presumed and the one who alleges liberality must prove it

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Is a contract for the sale of a photovoltaic system voidable??


A contract for the sale of photovoltaic energy can be declared void as the production is lower than that reported

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Reformulation of accounts and nullity of the sale of shares

nulidad compraventa acciones


The mistake about the value of society and its benefits, revealed with the reformulation of accounts, allows you to cancel the sale of shares

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Claim Fire Insurance or Contract Breach?

seguro de incendio

Filing a claim as fire insurance coverage or breach of contract can determine your success or failure

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