Usury Act also applies to mortgage loans


You can apply the Usury Act to a mortgage loan agreement and declare invalid


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Exchange rate mortgage

hipoteca cambiaria

Exchange rate mortgage is a mortgage as collateral security constituted the obligation under the bill of exchange, It is having an autonomous regime with respect to the underlying contract


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The darkness in insurance contracts damages the insurer

Contrato de seguro


General conditions in the insurance contract are biased by the insurer and if darkness will hurt the company

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Are valid acts of disposition of a verbal president?

Mandamiento verbal


Acts of disposal made by a "verbal president" need a specific power provision for the subject and object, or lack thereof subsequent ratification is required

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¿Hidden defects or breach of contract?

aliud pro alio


Si el vicio elimina totalmente la utilidad, estamos ante un incumplimiento contractual

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