Liability of parents for their children Arson,es

Responsabilidad civil

Se confirma la responsabilidad objetiva de los padres en caso de incendio provocado involuntariamente por sus hijos

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defective merchandise and loss of earnings,,es,,,es,KakePseussyDI,,el,T11,,da,T07,,cs,en-US,,es,,,pt,World,,en,Text,,en,text/html,,en,bfa382f3f25ebdb614962ec1c105f,,zh-CN

Mercancia defectuosa

Condenada a pagar el lucro cesante por fabricación defectuosa

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Prescripción en la compraventa mercantil

mercancia defectuosa

Condenado al pago de una mercancía defectuosa por prescripción.

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La denuncia penal interrumpe la prescripción civil

responsabilidad extracontractual

Bring criminal complaint interrupts the limitation period of claims for tort liability insurer,,es,criminal complaint,,es,Girona Provincial Court has confirmed the partial annulment of a multicurrency mortgage Bankinter in Case,,es,multicurrency lawyer girona,,es,multicurrency gerona,,es,Restructuring a swap does not involve the healing of the defects of the original contract,,es,restructuring swap,,gl,swap banco sabadell,,en,restructured swap,,es,Life insurance,,es,Ibercaja Ibercaja Banco life and condemned to fulfill the contract life insurance linked to a mortgage loan,,es,Health Questionnaire,,es,Life insurance sentences,,es,Lawyer Health Questionnaire,,es,Life insurance lawyer,,es,life insurance contract,,es,Health Questionnaire,,es,Risk Disclosure duty,,es.

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Clause soil: Nonexistence of res judicata,es

clausula suelo empresa

A judgment result of collective action does not imply the existence of res judicata in the face of an individual claim on land clause,,es,Juged thing,,es,Injunctions,,es.

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