Culpa contractual

Claim Fire Insurance or Contract Breach?

seguro de incendio

Filing a claim as fire insurance coverage or breach of contract can determine your success or failure

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On the responsibility of nursing homes

Nursing Homes

For there to be responsibility for nursing homes, the causal relationship between behavior and harm must be proven

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Responsabilidad contractual y diligencia profesional

responsabilidad contractual

The professional must act according to the Lex Artis and can be held responsible even though a faulty request

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Medical negligence: ¿Administrative or civil claim?

responsabilidad civil


La Audiencia de Barcelona condena a Zurich Insurance al pago de una indemnización por negligencia médica en virtud de un seguro de responsabilidad civil con el Servei Catalá de Salut

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Who claim the damages caused by the power supply?

daños suministro electrico

Civil liability for breach of a contract to supply electricity Has heading exclusively against the energy distribution entity (with which the user did not have any business relationship) the, On the contrary, It can also be directed against the distributors ?

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