Interrupción de la prescripción en casos de solidaridad impropia

solidaridad impropia

Para interrumpir la prescripción respecto de un deudor en los supuestos de solidaridad impropia es necesario reclamarle extrajudicialmente el cumplimiento, without the claim to rest harm you.

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Liability and "Risks of Life"



How to differentiate between "general risks of life" and situations that generate a liability?

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Is there a pre-contractual liability?

















Can I be held accountable if before signing a contract, negotiations break an unjustified way?

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Contractual liability and tort by Rafael Juan Juan Sanjose













The line enters the contractual fault and tort is unclear. However the consequences of their classification are very relevant: If the fault is contractual, the limitation period is 15 years and if tort, only of 1 year.

I have the honor to publish a paper on the topic of brilliant jurist Juan Juan Rafael Sanjose, Alternate Judge of the Provincial Court of Castellón.

Here you have your work:

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