Resolucion por incumplimiento

Discontinuance of the construction contract and compensation

incumplimiento contrato

The right to withdraw from a work contract does not prevent compensation in case of default

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and resolution concession contract for failure

 contrato de concesion


The unilateral termination of a concession contract requires a serious breach, substantial and frustrate the purpose of the same

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Resolution vehicle purchase for defects

 compraventa vehiculos defectos

The contract to purchase the vehicle can not be solved if the breach is not essential and grave

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Compensation for unilateral termination of the distribution agreement

distribution contract

You can only urge the termination of the distribution, the party has fulfilled its obligations and is affected by the failure of the other

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Aliud pro alio and termination of the sales contract,,es,Multi-currency mortgage of Banco Popular,,es,Nullity in Palma de Mallorca,,es,Santander condemned to compensate the damages of a swap,,es,Redaccion A.G.X,,en,Redaccion A.G.X.,,en,indemnizacion swap,,en,Table of Contents,,es,Banco Santander condemned to compensation for damages caused by placing a swap with breach of its information obligations,,es,First instance,,es,Appeal,,es,Exoneratory clause,,pt,Requirements for compensation for damages,,es,The obligation of information is an active and imperative duty,,es,whose breach enables the compensation action,,es,This has been resolved by Section 3 of the Provincial Court of Mérida,,es,in Judgment No.,,es,BANCO SANTANDER S.A,,pt,the bank,,es

aliud pro alio

The impossibility of fulfilling the purposes of the contract due to defects in its main object leads to its resolution

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