Responsabilidad extracontractual

Responsabilidad por riesgo y carga de la prueba

responsabilidad por riesgo


The Supreme Court condemns Natural Gas to pay 2.1 million euros by an explosion, applying theory “strict liability”

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Unenforceability of the limitation clauses against third parties



La existencia de cláusulas limitativas en un contrato de seguro resulta inoponible frente a terceros que reclaman la responsabilidad extracontractual de la aseguradora

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La denuncia penal interrumpe la prescripción civil

responsabilidad extracontractual

Bring criminal complaint interrupts the limitation period of claims for tort liability insurer,,es,criminal complaint,,es,Girona Provincial Court has confirmed the partial annulment of a multicurrency mortgage Bankinter in Case,,es,multicurrency lawyer girona,,es,multicurrency gerona,,es,Restructuring a swap does not involve the healing of the defects of the original contract,,es,restructuring swap,,gl,swap banco sabadell,,en,restructured swap,,es,Life insurance,,es,Ibercaja Ibercaja Banco life and condemned to fulfill the contract life insurance linked to a mortgage loan,,es,Health Questionnaire,,es,Life insurance sentences,,es,Lawyer Health Questionnaire,,es,Life insurance lawyer,,es,life insurance contract,,es,Health Questionnaire,,es,Risk Disclosure duty,,es.

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Interrupción de la prescripción en casos de solidaridad impropia

improper solidarity

Para interrumpir la prescripción respecto de un deudor en los supuestos de solidaridad impropia es necesario reclamarle extrajudicialmente el cumplimiento, without the claim to rest harm you.

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