Account participation contract in

Is it possible to assign a joint account contract?,,es,Condemnation of the construction company and insurer for constructive defects,,es,Guide on the patrimonial responsibility of the educational administration,,es,Life insurance and health questionnaire filled out by the employee,,es,Responsibility of the administration in public procurement,,es?

cuentas en participacion

The contract accounts participation is based on trust and therefore, It can not be transferred to third parties

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¿Cuentas en participación o préstamo?

Participation Account

Contracts are what they are and not what the parties say they are.

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Contratos de cuentas en participación: 5 puntos conflictivos

Participation Account


¿Cuáles son los puntos que generan más conflictos jurídicos en los contratos de cuentas en participación?

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Effects of breach of contract en participation

parcicipación contract accounts













If the manager breaches the contract participation accounts what are the effects?

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