Who must prove that the merchandise was defective?

mercancia defectuosa


The buyer defaulted on the grounds that the goods were defective, You must prove that end

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Responsabilidad del transportista por robo de la mercancía

Responsabilidad transportista

ordered to pay all the damage carrier without application of the limits of liability, to mediate fraud in fulfilling its obligations

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Lawyers' right to the interest of the Anti-Late Payment Law

ley de lucha contra la morosidad

Legal services are commercial operations for the purposes of the law to combat late payments and therefore, the lawyers are entitled to the increased interest rate of the same, when the client is an entrepreneur.

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Mercancia defectuosa

Condenada a pagar el lucro cesante por fabricación defectuosa

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Prescripción en la compraventa mercantil

mercancia defectuosa

Condenado al pago de una mercancía defectuosa por prescripción.

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