Economic Criminal

Guide on civil liability in criminal proceedings

responsabilidad civil

How liability claims generated by the commission of a criminal offense? Continue reading

The crime of procedural fraud


estafa procesal 

Procedural fraud is a subtype of crime of aggravated fraud that occurs manipulating evidence for a judicial error

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Guide to claim the right to honor

 derecho al honor

This guide provides a brief review the procedure for claiming the right to honor

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Guia práctica de los delitos societarios

delitos societarios

Los delitos societarios castigan las infidelidades y abusos de poder realizados por los administradores en perjuicio de la empresa, de sus socios o de terceros

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Crimes against the market and consumers,,es,Guide of the patrimonial responsibility of the sanitary administration,,es,Responsibility for risk and burden of proof,,es,Guide on crimes against intellectual and industrial property,,es,Continent and content in theft insurance,,es

delitos contra el mercado y los consumidores


A brief review of the offenses against the market and consumers

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