Misappropriation investment projects

penal economico

nobody gives “four pesetas hard” and some investment projects end up in criminal courts.

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Apropiación indebida y dificultad de prueba

penal economico

Acquitted of misappropriation for lack of evidence on the diversion of money.

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Cohecho: El Supremo confirma la condena a una ex alcaldesa por cohecho


El Tribunal Supremo ha confirmado la condena por cohecho a la ex alcaldesa de Pobla de Farnals, in Case 18 November 2016.

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Distraction money: misappropriation or unfair administration

penal economico

Seguramente el lector se habrá planteado alguna vez qué ocurre cuando se omite la devolución de un importe debido, or money delivered to an end concrete, se destina a otro distinto del acordado. Continue reading

Concealment of assets, criminal intent and harm to the creditor,es

alzamiento de bienes


Is the intentional element and injury to the creditor for the commission of a crime of concealment of assets is necessary?

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