What is a Documentary Credit (letter of credit)?

credito documentario








In international sales, if the seller fears ship the goods without having secured their collection and the buyer does not want to pay for goods without, Documentary credit it (letter of credit) may be the solution.

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Six essential clauses in their partnership contract

abogado contrato de colaboracion

We started a series of posts in which we will see the specific clauses of the contracts common in the trade. On this occasion, discussed the partnership contract.

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What content should have an international contract?

abogado  contrato









International commercial traffic has been developed in recent years and the contracts specific for each type of business have multiplied. But in either case, There are a number of basic clauses that should be present in their contracts.

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What differentiate the agency agreement and the distribution agreement?

abogado agente distribuidor

With the latest crisis, has highlighted the importance of export for companies. One way of achieving this is to mount a network agents or distributors outside Spain. It requires much less investment than own establishments. But you must take into account differences between the agency contract and distribution agreement.

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What is the law applicable to international contracts?

abogado compraventa internacional

It is increasingly common for companies to subscribe international contracts. It is essential to determine what the applicable law in the event of conflict.

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