Damage Insurance: Direct or Indirect?

seguro daños

La distinción entre daños directos o indirectos a la hora de valorar la cobertura del seguro resulta controvertida

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Indemnify or repair boat insurance?

theft insurance


Can the insured choose between compensation or repair in a Boat Insurance? 

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Is it possible for the driver responsible for a traffic accident to claim compensation for non-pecuniary damage after a family member died in the accident itself (vehicle occupant)? por Rafael Juan Juan Sanjosé

seguro de automovil

The driver responsible for a traffic accident, ¿puede reclamar daños morales por el fallecimiento de un familiar?

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“Theft Insurance- The responsibility of the security company for the malfunction of the alarm system” por Rafael Juan Juan Sanjosé

seguro robo alarma


The alarm company does not undertake to prevent the possible commission of a theft, but yes of the normal operation of the system

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Variations in health status and life insurance

abogado seguro vida

Seguro de vida: Should I communicate the variations in my health status to the insurer?

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