Law of Insurance Contracts

Life insurance and ambiguity in health questionnaires

seguro de vida


There is no data hiding by the policyholder of a life insurance when the health questionnaire is ambiguous or overly generic

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When it understood the casualty in life insurance?

 seguro de vida


In life insurance and disability, the time considered the casualty is essential to determine whether or not entitled to compensation

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Nullity of clauses limiting the overall conditioning of the insurance contract

seguro de enfermedad y accidentes


The restrictive clauses that do not meet the requirements of Article 3 LCS are zero although they are generally contained in conditioned

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Seguro de vida y cuestionario de salud en Pontevedra

seguro vida pontevedra


La aseguradora conocía las circunstancias del asegurado y a pesar de ello, contrató el seguro de vida y no lo denunció en el plazo de 1 mes que establece el artículo 10 LCS

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Life insurance and lack of specificity of health questionnaire

seguro de vida

Abanca Vida obligada a indemnizar por un seguro de vida cuyo cuestionario de salud adolecía de falta de concreción

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