Ground clauses: Supreme Court ruling suspended

clausula suelo


The Supreme Court has suspended the ruling on a clause floor to meet the ECJ ruling, by Auto 12 April 2016.

Los prestatarios, requested suspension of the resolution of an appeal brought by Unicaja Banco SA, until the question is resolved before the ECJ (Case C-154/15,es).

Tanto la parte recurrente Unicaja Banco como el Ministerio Fiscal, They opposed the suspension of the resource, basically by the Chamber he has ruled on several occasions on effects of the invalidity of the clause floor, en concreto de la obligación de devolver las cantidades en exceso solamente desde la STS de 9 May 2013.

However, the Chamber declares from suspension for the following reasons:

1.- The question C-154/15 is applicable to solve this resource.

2.- This is an issue that has raised repeated questions.

3.- Against the judgment delivered by the Supreme, no appeal.

4.- They are raised a number of questions to the ECJ on the same topic, it makes no sense to propose a new.

5.- The proximity of the date of the hearing at the ECJ makes the suspension does not extend too much, so not cause damage to the parts.

Ultimately, the appeal is suspended until the resolution of the question C-154/15 the ECJ.

Esta suspensión, in my humble opinion, He suggests that the Board does not have many expectations that the CJEU support his doctrine of "Retroactive effect only from the STS 9 May 2013 ", but rather the opposite.

Dicha doctrina ha sido discutida desde numerosos foros e incluso contradicha abiertamente en numerosas sentencias tanto de primera como de segunda instancia. Los argumentos del efecto retroactivo desde el principio son mucho más sólidos desde el punto de vista jurídico que los esgrimidos por el Alto Tribunal para justificar que solamente se retroceda lo cobrado en exceso por las "Floor clauses" from its judgment of 2013.

Hopefully the CJEU put things in place, and tell the Supreme that the null, It produces no effect, and therefore, mortgage loans the clause floor, restitution must be made from the start.

"The force is not guided by prudence, falls under its own weight. "



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