How to buy a property of a company in bankruptcy?

comprar piso en concurso

comprar piso en concurso









There is the possibility of buying property at a good price for being the owner in bankruptcy.

There are several ways to perform this operation, being the main credit to purchase bank, the award in the auction or purchase the bankrupt administrator via.

In this post I discuss the situation in which purchase the property with the bankrupt bankruptcy administrator intervention.

In such situations, There are a number of precautions to be taken.

First, is essential to determine the right person. Who actually owns the property and who has to take the decision to sell? For this, should request a simple note to the Land Registry. In this note, Own appear. If it really is a company in receivership, in footnote information appear trustee. The administrator has to perform property as quickly and in the interests of competition. But in the sale, will also have the bank that holds the mortgage on the property that is a preferred creditor. You will need the cooperation of both. At the end, sale must be approved by the Judge Contest.

If you get to agree with them, there are a number of precautions to be taken.

1.- Check the loads on the building by simple registry grade. You must be very clear if you buy and are in force loads and therefore, this is reflected in the price, or if your purchase are going to cancel the charges. In this process, charges would be canceled by court order.

2.- If this is a new building, that has to be verified first occupation license issued by the City.

3.- Check the house to check that there are no construction defects.

4.- Request a certificate to the administrator of the estate on Rates outstanding community. Occasionally, the outstanding amount is considerable. The limit of the obligation to pay is the current annuity plus the previous three years ( article 9.1 and) Horizontal Property Act ).

5.- Make sure the house is Free tenants and as specifically stated in the contract trading.

6.- Check through the City Council the status of payment of Property Tax and other municipal taxes that may affect the housing as the rate of waste.

7.- If you request a signal, sure in writing of the terms on which the grants and recover in the event that does not acquire the property for reasons beyond his control or to appear charges or expenses which had been reported.

8.- Given the importance of this type of operation, it is advisable to seek advice from a professional.

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