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contrato de agencia

Who seeks compensation for unilateral termination of an agency contract must prove damages

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The mission of the agent is to get customers to the company who hires its commercial services in exchange for a commission. When the agency relationship ends, the employer may have increased its customer base by the action of the agent, so continue to benefit from their work despite the agency relationship has ended.

Section No. 16 de la Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona, in Case 16 October 2019 (Res. N.º 411/2019), ha resuelto uno de estos casos de resolución unilateral del contrato de agencia por la empresa, con derecho del agente a una compensation for clientele.


Between 1991 and 2014 mantuvieron un agency contract la empresa Sistema de Ensayos de Materiales Ingeniería SL (SEM) y Dr.. Collin GmbH. Its purpose was to promote and sell the first in Spain of the products that made the second. La relación era de naturaleza mixta pues también había distribution por parte de SEM.

The 29 December 2014, Dr. SEM Collin GmbH notified the unilateral termination of the contract.

SEM filed suit against Dr. Collin claiming a total of 171.700,38 euros, with the following breakdown:

– 26.823 euros en concepto de indemnización por falta de aviso.

– 53.645, 96 euros en concepto de compensation for clientele.

– 91.207, 76 euros en concepto de damages (29.515,54  by damages and 61.692,22 by lost profits).

Primera Instancia

The 24 July 2017 the Court of First Instance No. 24 Barcelona, partially upheld the lawsuit filed by the Spanish company SEM granting the sum of 88.696,09 euros, They are corresponding to:

– 37.552,17 euros en concepto de compensation for clientele.

– 51.172 euros en concepto de damages (10.000 by damages and 41.172 by lost profits).

Both parties lodged appeals.

Provincial Court

The plaintiff filed an appeal requesting the full estimate of the requests made on demand.

La entidad demandada alegó que concurría causa justificada para poner fin a la relación en diciembre de 2014 and, therefore, He called for the dismissal of compensation postulated in demand.

THE 16 October 2019, section # 16 de la Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona, in its judgment Ollie # 411/2019, both resources estimated in part, the amount and deferring estimate of compensation that occurred in the first instance.

Compensation in lieu of notice

lack of notice of Dr recognized. Collin when solving.

As recalled STS 17 January 2019, the appointment of 19 May 2017, the notice constitutes a exigencia derivada del principio de buena fe contractual con que deben ejercitarse los propios derechos y de la lealtad que debe imperar en las relaciones mercantiles”.

He failed to comply with the provisions of art. 25.2 Act 12/1992, of 27 May, on Agency Agreement. Preavisado should have been six months in advance and only made three. SEM was recognized compensation 10.287 euros.

Compensation for customers

Article 28 LCA provides compensation for customers. In it he says that may not exceed the average annual amount of remuneration received during the last five years of the relationship- when the agent hubiese aportado nuevos clientes al empresario o incrementado sensiblemente las operaciones con la clientela preexistente, provided their activity pueda continuar produciendo ventajas sustanciales al empresario and result equitativamente procedente por la existencia de pactos de limitación de competencia, por las comisiones que pierda o por las demás circunstancias que concurran”.

How reasons the STS 29 October 2013, basta al efectoun pronóstico razonable the activity of the agent pueda continuar produciendo ventajas sustanciales al empresario”.

Well, given the longevity of their contractual relationship and direct customer base managed by the plaintiff, the Chamber considered correct the decision made by the judge at first instance. For fixing the amount of compensation for customers, Hearing assessed factors such as the dedication of the agent, the number of clients provided, the volume of transactions they conduct and other circumstances of the case, entre las que el precepto mencionala existencia de pactos de limitación de la competencia ylas comisiones que [agent] pierda” ( SSTS 31 May 2012 and 27 June 2013).

Moderation criteria compensation for customers

In any case compensation for customers must respect a ceiling, corresponding to the average annual amount of remunerations perceived by the agent during the last five years or, throughout the duration of the contract, if lower (art. 28 LCA).

The right to compensation for clientele exists regardless of whether the contract had an indefinite or fixed-term. This entails that there is no single criterion for quantifying the amount of compensation for customers. La Ley del Contrato de Agencia no lo establece expresamente, pero jurisprudencialmente se apuntan las circunstancias a tener en cuenta, como la existencia de pactos de limitación de competencia o las comisiones que pierda el agente.

Therefore it depends on the specific case, They should also consider the efforts made by the agent, the difficulty of getting customers or prestige that had the mark before the agent working comenzase.

The Court thus confirmed the decision of the first instance

Compensation for damages

In the under the provisions of Article 29 LCA, are only compensable expenses or investments made under the express or implied instructions of the employer who had not been amortized to the extinction ratio.

As indicated by the STS 29 October 2013, Article 29 LCA no impide reclamar al amparo del régimen general del art. 1101 CC compensation for any other losses also linked causally to the termination of the contract (…)”.

However, el demandante debe justificar el daño y la Audiencia consideró improcedente la indemnización tanto por damages as lost profits.

Given all these interpretive criteria and jurisprudential doctrine, the Provincial Court amended the amount in 47.839,17 euros damages produced SEM.


La indemnización por clientela puede ser valorada mediante unpronóstico razonable”, pero los daños cuya indemnización se solicita en caso de resolución unilateral de un agency contract They must be fully tested for estimation.

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