Four spots in car rental contracts,es

contrato de alquiler de vehiculos


Revisamos cuatro puntos en los que habitualmente radica la litigiosidad en los contratos de alquiler de vehículos sin conductor de corta duración.

The latest crisis has shown that for companies, have a lower breakeven, minimize fixed costs and be more flexible, son cuestiones fundamentales. Thus, when they have transportation needs, increasingly you opt for the Car rental without driver.

In this entry, we review the main points, tanto en el caso de alquiler de vehículos sin conductor para profesionales como para particulares (car hire mainly tourists).

1.- Liability in case of loss of vehicle

When the rented vehicle suffers a loss, la responsabilidad por los daños acaba frecuentemente en los tribunales. Es recomendable que el tipo de seguro (all risk, franchise, To thirds) and causes of exclusion are perfectly delimited.

In this sense, the SAP Malaga 27 July 2015 It solves a case in which the tenant had an accident resulting in total loss for the vehicle, to falling asleep driving. The Chamber considers that the tenant is not responsible for considering that it had hired (and charged to the customer) all risk insurance covering him covered for damage to the rental vehicle, although actually, the leasing company had insurance on third parties.

2.- Impact of the price when the leased vehicle is intended to replace.

When the car rental companies, lo hacen con el objetivo de sustituir uno siniestrado, during the duration of repair, pueden plantearse dificultades para cobrar de la compañía aseguradora: This is the case set out in the judgments of the Provincial Court of Barcelona, of 18 and 5 November 2014. While the legitimacy of the leasing company is not discussed, for having a transfer credit (article 1.527 C.C), se pone en duda el tiempo que duró la sustitución.

3.- Indemnización por la aseguradora a la arrendadora, for lost profits by the time when the vehicle is stopped because of an accident.

This issue is not peaceful. In some cases, no es suficiente con demostrar el precio del alquiler y la veracidad del tiempo de reparación, but the lessor must show, which effectively lost no business being unable to meet demand with other fleet vehicles (SAP Las Palmas 24 September 2014).

In others, it is estimated the criteria put forward by the leasing company (SAP Málaga 28 April 2014).

4.- Compensation by the insurer to the lessor in case of robbery or theft.

Es recomendable que la arrendadora de vehículos sin alquiler revise su propio contrato de seguro, it is frequently used clauses delimiting its object, that although cover theft, exclude coverage in case of theft or misappropriation (SAP Cuenca 3 June 2014).

Ultimately, a detailed review of the rental agreements driverless vehicles, evitará futuros problemas tanto a arrendador como a arrendatario.

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