Debt recovery

We offer a specialized service of debt recovery in Spain that covers both the extrajudicial and judicial stages. We act quickly, and with tenacity and we can also negociate following the client’s guidelines.


We make contact with the debtor in order to reach a settlement or friendly agreement for the payment of the debt. At this phase we identify the debtor and his location and send a formal letter of demand.

Feasibility study

In this phase we do a preliminary legal study of the case and a solvency assesment.  We have to know if it might be worth to file a claim.

Claim in court

If our efforts to reach a successful negotiation have been exhausted,  we decide on the most appropriate legal proceedings given the client’s interests. There are several debt recovery proceedings in Spain and we will choose the one that better defends your interests.

Enforcement of the Sentence

If it is necessary we do all the legal proceedings in the enforcement of the sentence.

Our fee system is aimed at aligning the interest of the client and the lawyer.  Our fees are calculated in proportion to the amount actually recovered.

Contact us with a brief description of the case, and we will prepare a proposal that suits your needs.


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